I am a medical doctor, with a master degree in public health and post graduation in emergency medicine and paediatrics. At the beginning of my oversea career I worked for ten years for different NGOs in various sub-Saharan African countries on developmental and emergency health projects. I then joined the World Health Organisation (WHO), with whom I worked for twenty years. During the first 8 years at WHO I led global initiatives aiming at the eradication of Guinea worm, and the elimination of leprosy, and lymphatic filariasis, as well contributing to the inception of the Neglected Diseases Initiative. Then I covered different senior positions in the WHO Department of Health Action in Crisis. The last two years of my career in WHO I covered the position of Head of Office in Yemen, up to end September 2018. These last two years have been the most challenging and important of my career. Since October 2018 I’m an independent public health consultant.

The suffering of the Yemeni people is impossible to describe to me. Part of this website is dedicated to advocating for peace in Yemen and letting as many people as possible know about the unacceptable conditions of the population of this Country, after 4 years of war.

Browse this site for more information about my work, including the work I have done on Information and knowledge Management, the health dimension of human security, and disaster risk reduction. These are the main areas on which I’m focusing, together with health equity.

Nevio Zagaria 

Faces - The forgotten war in Yemen

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